Nominated for Guldeken 2021

Nominerade till Guldeken 2021
We are very happy and proud to present that we are one of three finalists in Guldeken!
Yesterday we were at the Governor's residence in Blekinge, Karlskrona, where it was announced that we are one of three finalists for the Almi Business Partner Blekinge award: Young Entrepreneur of the Year!
Now we look forward to the Goldeneken gala on October 29 where the winner will be crowned! Regardless of who wins, we are incredibly happy to be nominated.
Guldeken is Blekinge's business gala which aims to reward and draw attention to good achievements with great prizes in festive forms. This year the gala will be held at Blekinge Convention Center in Ronneby
Image: Andreas Blomlöf
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