Terms and conditions - Diabetic Box Sverige AB 


1 About Diabetic Box

The company Diabetic Box Sverige AB with organization number 559265-0914 is headquartered in Karlskrona, Sweden. Diabetic Box Sverige AB is registered for F-tax and has the following VAT registration number: SE559265091401.


When placing an order via the company Diabetic Box's website (www.diabeticbox.eu), the buyer confirms the companies terms and conditions and undertakes to comply with them.


If you wish to get in touch with us, send an email to kontakt@diabeticbox.se with your case and your contact information and we will get back to you shortly.


2 Order

Ordering is done on our website (www.diabeticbox.eu). When you have completed your order, an order confirmation will be sent to the specified e-mail address. In the order confirmation you will find all information about the order including products, price, invoicing and delivery address. We reserve the right to correct orders if delivery is not possible for any reason, and if you have placed several orders, we reserve the right to merge your orders and deliver them in one package.

If there is any error in the order confirmation, you must contact us immediately via e-mail to kontakt@diabeticbox.se.


2.1 Pre-order of products (Pre-order)

By making a pre-order, you agree to be bound by these Terms for pre-ordering products, the Privacy Policy and Diabetic Box standard Purchase Terms.


2.1.1 Make a pre-order

When you make a pre-order, your contact information must be correct and up to date. If we do not have correct or updated contact information, we can not inform you about your pre-order. You can update your contact information at any time before your product is sent by sending an e-mail to kontakt@diabeticbox.se

Please note that pre-orders cannot be transferred to another individual or account.


2.1.2 Payments

When you make a pre-order, you must pay the full price for the ordered products as well as any delivery fees. Please note that for all orders sent to the delivery address outside the EU, there may be import duties, customs duties and taxes that you as a customer are obliged to pay. 


2.1.3 Delivery

Pre-ordered products are sent, subject to availability, by the specified launch date. Please note that the launch dates and dates for when the products are available may change and that we are not responsible for any changes to such dates.


2.1.4 Cancellation

Each of the parties can cancel a pre-order at any time, without giving a reason, before you have received notification from us that the pre-ordered product has been sent. If cancellation occurs before we send your order, you are entitled to a full refund for your pre-order. If you want to cancel the purchase after we have sent your order to the distributor, the conditions for the right of withdrawal according to the Terms of Purchase apply.


2.1.5 Responsibility

When it comes to pre-ordering a product that has not yet been launched, you are aware of and accept that the design of such a product and its technical functions are under development and that the product sent to you may differ from the product presented at the time of ordering. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the final version of the product, our sole responsibility is your right to cancel your purchase as stated in the Terms of Purchase. 

3 Delivery

At checkout, you can choose between different shipping options.

Our standard delivery time can be found on the Website (www.diabeticbox.eu) and in the order confirmation. During high season and high load, delivery can take longer. During the ordering process, we will notify you when your order has been received and when the order has been sent, including any goods or digital content belonging to them. Information about automated subscription orders can be found in your account.

Diabetic Box normally handles your order within 24 hours (except holidays and weekends) from order until your order leaves our warehouse, provided we have the item in stock. Once the product has left our warehouse, the responsibility passes to the shipping companies that deliver your order. In the event of non-collection at the selected delivery point, the customer is responsible for additional fees.

Should delays in delivery occur (without us notifying you of a longer delivery time), please contact us at e-mail address: kontakt@diabeticbox.se.

If a product is out of stock, we reserve the right not to deliver the Product within the specified delivery time or to cancel the order. If you have already ordered the product that is out of stock, we will offer you the option to exchange the product for a corresponding item with the same value or a refund.

If the chosen delivery method is not suitable, the Company will adjust this to the most suitable delivery method and notify the customer as soon as possible.


4 Prices 

The store's prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) including VAT. Any shipping costs will be added, depending on which shipping option is chosen when completing the order. If desired, the customer can change the displayed currency under the menu: "Currency".

We reserve the right to change prices caused by price changes from suppliers, printing errors in the price list and errors in prices due to incorrect information and reserve the right to adjust the price.

We have the right to change the prices for the Products and therefore the prices that apply will be stated on the Website. For orders placed before the price change, the prices stated in the order confirmation for the specific order apply.

5 Payment 

At checkout, you can choose between payment methods: Card payment, Klarna and Digital wallets.

No card details are stored on the Website or within the Company.


6 Right of withdrawal

As a customer, you always have a 14-day right of withdrawal according to LODA - the Act on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises. The withdrawal period begins to run from the day you received the item. The product needs to be returned in an unchanged condition for you as a customer to receive a full credit.

Note that, according to Chapter 2, 1§ 7p. Act (2005: 56) on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises, food is exempt from the right of withdrawal and cannot be returned. This also applies to uncollected and non-received packages that are returned from the shipping company to Diabetic Box, as well as packages that are returned due to an incomplete address from the customer.

6.1 When utilizing your right of withdrawal:

You must announce your withdrawal. The message should be sent to: kontakt@diabeticbox.se. In your message you shall provide Diabetic Box with the following: your name, address, e-mail address, order number and which goods the return applies to must be clearly stated.

You should return the products to us immediately and at the latest within the statutory 14 days after receipt of the product and notify us of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

You are responsible for return shipping, delivery and condition of the products upon return, the products must therefore be sent well packaged and in original packaging.

On the refund amount, we reserve the right to deduct an amount corresponding to the decrease in value compared to the original value of the product when used or damaged product. Refunds are made using the same method that the customer used for payment.

6.2 The right of withdrawal does not apply to:

Purchase of food can not be undone. See “Right of withdrawal”.

Products that have been sealed (sealed) for health or hygiene reasons and where the seal (sealing) has been broken by you.

Services that have been completed and where you have expressly agreed to the service being started without the right of withdrawal.

For more on the statutory right of withdrawal, read more here.


7 Complaints

We inspect all products before they are sent to you. Should the product still be damaged or incorrectly shipped when it arrives, we undertake in accordance with current consumer protection legislation to rectify the defect free of charge.

We are responsible for any errors that exist at the time you receive the products. We are not responsible for defects caused by you, for example if you have not followed the instructions or if you have not taken good care of the products.

You must always contact us for an approval before you return a defective item by sending a e-mail to: kontakt@diabeticbox.se, picture and description must be included in the e-mail.

Complaints must be sent immediately after the defect has been discovered. Pictures and a description of the defect must be included in the e-mail sent to: kontakt@diabeticbox.se.

7.1 How do you proceed with a complaint?

Any errors and defects must always be reported to kontakt@diabeticbox.se where you state your name, address, e-mail address, order number and a description of the error.

If we do not succeed in correcting the error or delivering a similar product, we will refund you for the defective product in accordance with Swedish current consumer protection legislation. We are responsible for return shipping for approved complaints.

We reserve the right to refuse a complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective in accordance with Swedish current consumer protection legislation. In the case of complaints, we follow guidelines from the General Complaints Board, see arn.se.


8 Limitation of liability

8.1 We take no responsibility for indirect damages that may occur due to the product.

We take no responsibility for delays / errors due to circumstances beyond the company's control (Force Majeure). These circumstances can be, for example, labor dispute, fire, war, government decision, reduced or no delivery from supplier, see more information under "Force Majeure".

Furthermore, no responsibility is taken for any changes to products / product properties that have been changed by the respective supplier and other factors beyond our control.

8.2 Disclaimer regarding health care

According to the Health and Medical Services Act 1982: 763, “health and medical care” refers to measures to medically prevent, investigate and treat diseases and injuries. The concept of health care thus includes both the disease prevention measures and the actual health care. The information found within the framework of the Website and products shall not be construed as health or medical care. The contents of the boxes are designed and adapted to suit people with diabetes, but the product should be seen as a generalization because the disease differs between individuals in different ways.

The company is not a medical organization and its staff can and should not provide medical advice or diagnoses.


9 Subscription

The following payment options are available when purchasing a subscription: Card payment. Please note that products are not sent until payment has been approved.

The subscription runs along the customer's specified intervals on the product page. Type of product, quantity and interval appear in checkout and order confirmation. The subscription is automatically renewed according to the interval the customer has chosen when completing the purchase. The subscription can be settled from your account.

You can change your subscription model and / or terminate the subscription by making adjustments to your account or by contacting us via our customer support by e-mail: kontakt@diabeticbox.se. Any changes must be made at least 24 hours before the next delivery of the subscription is processed. If the subscription has not been canceled or changed in time, it will be renewed automatically.

Subscribers under the age of 18 must have permission from a guardian to use the service. Subscribers under the age of 18 are reminded that the Company, at the request of a guardian, may be obliged to provide the Subscriber's guardian's login information to the subscription service.

The subscriber is obliged to continuously update delivery information, email addresses and subscriber information if changes occur. If incorrect information means that the delivery is returned, the subscriber is obliged to reimburse Diabetic Box for the additional costs this may entail.

Termination of subscription takes place via the customer's account on this Website (www.diabeticbox.eu) or via e-mail to: kontakt@diabeticbox.se. The company confirms termination of the subscription by sending a confirmation to the e-mail address provided. Only when confirmation is received is the subscription terminated. Failure to pay is not the same as termination of subscription.

Diabetic Box reserves the right to pause the customer's subscription, if the customer has not picked up his order on two (2) consecutive occasions. The subscription can be restarted by agreement with the Company.


10 Product information

We reserve the right to make any errors on this website, e.g. product descriptions, specifications, incorrect prices, stock balances or other incorrect information. We reserve the right to correct obvious errors and to change or update the information on the Website at any time accordingly.

Images or other visual elements on the Website are for illustration purposes only and we do not guarantee the exact quantity displayed or the exact appearance, origin or function of the products. We always try our best to expose the products as accurately as possible.

See the order confirmation for the exact product quantity for your ordered product or products.

Only persons resident and with a postal address in the country / countries listed as possible countries for the product in the product description have the right to order the product in question. This is because the product meets the rules and requirements set in each country in which the product is available. The company can thus not offer the product to other countries than those listed in the product description because the product does not meet the legal requirements, such as current language on the table of contents.

11 Immaterial rights

The Company or the Company's licensor owns all intellectual property rights to the Website and all material published on the Website. All material on the Website is protected by intellectual property rights such as copyright and all such rights remain with the Company and the Company's licensors.

By purchasing, you give the Company an irrevocable right to quote from comments regarding the Company, the Products or the Subscriptions that the customer leaves on the Website, blog or social media and to use the quotes on the Company's page, on social media and in other marketing.


12 Third party websites

The Website and the Company's marketing channels may contain links to websites operated by our partners, advertisers or by other third parties. Please note that the Company is not responsible for the content of such websites or for the goods or services offered there.


13 Competition conditions for competitions held under the auspices of Diabetic Box

To participate in Diabetic Boxs competitions, you must be a resident of the specified country and accept the rules of the competition. You can participate with an unlimited number of entries. When the competition takes place on social media, you must have an open Instagram or Facebook account for your competition entry to be visible to Diabetic Box. The winners will be announced in the current competition post or in a separate post and contacted via social media or via email. Prize is awarded after the competition is over. The prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Winning entries are chosen by a jury at Diabetic Box and cannot be appealed. Any profit tax is paid by the winner. By participating with a competition entry, you approve your participation in the competition. This also certifies that you took the picture yourself. Diabetic Box reserves the right to exclude or remove entries from the competition without notifying the contestant if Diabetic Box deems that the contestant has cheated or if the entry is deemed illegal, offensive or otherwise ethically or morally inappropriate. Diabetic Box and any partners have the right to publish the winners' photos in their own channels.

Responsible for competitions: Diabetic Box Sverige AB

14 Force Majeure

In the event of circumstances beyond the Company's reasonable control, such as in the event of a change in legislation, government action, strike, blockade, sabotage, war, terrorism, fire, flood, natural disaster or similar events, the Company has an obligation to fulfill the purchase agreement postponed as long as the circumstance advises. If such delay exceeds 2 months, both the Subscriber and the Company have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without any obligation to pay damages.


15 Dispute 

These terms and subscription must be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising from these terms and conditions shall be settled by a general court. Disputes can also be tried by the General Complaints Board (ARN), insofar as the board is competent and the dispute is suitable for the board's review. ARN's decision is a recommendation to the parties on how the dispute should be resolved.

16 Information about Cookies

According to the Electronic Information Act, visitors to a website must for information purposes be informed that cookies are used. The information in the cookie can be used to follow a user's browsing. A cookie is a small text file that the website you are visiting requests to be saved on your computer to provide access to various functions. You can set your browser to automatically deny cookies. More information can be found on the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency's website.


17 Personal data

By shopping at Diabetic Box, you accept our data protection policy and our processing of your personal data. We protect your privacy and do not collect more information than necessary to process your subscription or order. We never sell or pass on your information to third parties without legal basis.

Diabetic Box is responsible for the processing of personal data that you have provided to us as a customer. Your personal data is processed by us to be able to handle your order and in those times when you have requested newsletters or promotional offers - to be able to adapt the marketing to your individual needs.

At "My Account", you as a customer can view and edit your personal and delivery information.

The information below is a summary of how we store and process your data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you have chosen to subscribe to our newsletter, your first name, last name and e-mail address will be shared with our newsletter provider. This is to be able to keep you updated with information and offers for marketing purposes.

17.1 What is personal data?

A personal data is all information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a natural person.

17.2 What information do we store?

To be able to handle your order and answer questions related to your order (customer service), we store your first and last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address and purchase history.

Your information is stored as long as we have a legal basis to process your information, for example to fulfill the agreement between us or to comply with a legal obligation under, for example, the Accounting Act.

17.3 Legal basis

In connection with a purchase, your personal data is processed to complete the agreement with you.

Marketing, promotions and similar mailings take place with your consent.

17.4 What information is shared and for what purpose?

17.4.1 Payment provider

When making a purchase, information is shared with our payment provider. What is stored is first name, last name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. If you choose to pay by invoice, the personal identity number of the payment provider is also saved. The information is saved in order to complete the purchase and to protect the parties against fraud.

The payment provider (payment service) we use is: Shopify Checkout and Klarna Checkout.

17.4.2 Shipping company

In order to deliver your orders and complete our agreement, we must share specific information with the shipping company. What is shared with the shipping company is first name, last name and address information for delivery. E-mail address and / or mobile number may also be shared with the shipping company for notification. The shipping company used is stated in your order confirmation.

17.5 The right of access

You have the right to receive extracts from all information available about you with us. Excerpts are delivered electronically in a readable format.

17.6 Right to rectification

You have the right to ask us to update incorrect information or supplement information that is incomplete.

17.7 The right to be forgotten

You can request that the information concerning you be deleted at any time. There are few exceptions to the right to deletion, such as whether it should be retained because we must fulfill a legal obligation (for example, according to the Accounting Act).

17.8 Responsible for data protection

Diabetic Box is responsible for the storage and processing of personal data in the online store and ensures that the rules are followed.

17.9 How we protect your personal data

We use industry standards such as SSL / TLS and one-way hash algorithms to store, process and communicate sensitive information such as personal data and passwords in a secure way.


18 Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time. We will notify you by email of any changes that are not insignificant and which will affect you. We will then inform you that it is important to object if you do not approve the changes. If we do not receive such an objection within thirty (30) calendar days after the changes are notified, we will assume that you accept them. We will also assume that you approve the changes in cases where you enter into an agreement with us, by, for example, continuing to order products, after the new terms have come into force. The latest version of the Terms will be available on the Website.


19 Dispute and choice of law

In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved in agreement with the company's customer service and the customer, you as a customer can turn to the General Complaints Board, see arn.se. For residents of an EU country other than Sweden, complaints can be submitted online via the European Commission's dispute resolution platform, see http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

In the event of a dispute, we follow decisions from ARN or the corresponding dispute resolution body.

Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these general terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law and law disregarding it choice of law principles.