Summer Holiday Box 2021

Sommarlovsboxen 2021

The summer holiday box is a project by us at Diabetic Box together with the Children's Diabetes Foundation, where a total of 2,000 boxes have been distributed completely free of charge to children and young people with type 1 diabetes.

The purpose of the boxes and the project is to lift children and young people with the disease, make their summer both easier and more fun and to spread knowledge. We have also carried out a fundraiser for the Child Diabetes Foundation in connection with the project to support the research.

During the summer, the boxes have been distributed mainly in connection with diabetes camps and at diabetes clinics around Sweden.

The box was made possible by the project's sponsors and partners, Novo Nordisk (Main Sponsor), Medtronic (Second Sponsor) and Nicks, Wellibites, Smiling, Lindroos Health and Börjessons Bil in Karlskrona.

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