8 ways to raise awareness in November

8 ways to raise awareness in November
14th November is the official World Diabetes Day but the entire month November is a month to spread diabetes awareness. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to spread awareness, so we have made a list of 8 things you can do it! 💙
1. Wear something blue, or maybe an all-blue outfit 😍
2.Talk about diabetes!
What should someone do if for example you get hypoglycemia? Or how does your insulin pump or CGM actually work? People are often curious to know more!
3.Participate in various challenges
Most challenges take place on social media under a hashtag, here are some to check out! ⬇️
🔹 #blåknuten /#blueknot 
🔹 #öppendiabetes /#opendiabetes
🔹 #blueballoonchallenge 🎈
4. Light things up in blue
For example the balcony, flagpole, your room, the whole house or some other building
5. Promote diabetes in your social media
Post a picture or video of your gadgets, share some quick facts about diabetes or tell your story
6. Paint your nails blue 💅
7. Put up fact sheets at school or workplace
Heard that people read almost everything at restrooms, especially if it is right in front of you
8. Wear a blue knot and do the #blåknuten / #blueknot challenge
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